Thursday, July 28, 2011

while my boyfriend quietly sleeps. . .

....So the lack of writing and reading in my life is starting to show, I'm not really sure that anyone even really reads these pointless rants about nothing, but it clears my head and for some reason helps me to sleep better....

I've come to realize that unless I have some sort of mental stimulation during the day my brain goes into overdrive, I over analyze, over think, and over worry about everything in my life. Thats pointless, you say. . . yes indeed it is quite pointless, but for some apparent reason it is what my brain chooses to do instead of the typical realization of, oh i'm in bed now, I should be getting sleepy. Wonderful, huh?

Whats even worse is at night is when my mind comes to life, I write a million stories, and a million poems all before I go to sleep, if there were some sort of way for me to record them , before I fall asleep without me getting out of bed that would be amazing....and dont suggest my phone, I'm far too lazy to spend all that time typing on that tiny little keybord. I ocassionally decide to make the effort to get out of bed, turn on my computer, and type a fury of words in no particular order.

So here goes an attempt at part one of a story I hopefully will continue and finish. You my readers are going to be my sounding board. lol. Please note this is all being written off the top of my head. . . and I am somewhat tired. . . .and running out of options to wear myself out. lol. so I
have no clue how its going to sound, please be merciful.

Part one.

It was just like any other day, wake up, grudgingly pour myself juice, I dont like coffee, its too bitter, but then again so is juice after brushing your teeth. Today, I was out of juice, and milk, and pretty much anything else. The few groceries I bought with my miniscule paycheck from my underpaying job as a secretary at a office off of Main Street, fell through, they said I didnt give the boss a very important message, one I didnt receive, because I was on my lunch break, and the answering system was conviently down, and no one remembered to tell me, because well quite honestly I was easily overlooked.

Yeah, it was just another day.

I decided since I obviously didnt have to work then why not, have a "Breakfast at Tiffanys" day, you know the old movie where Audrey Hephburn gets up every morning, and gets all dolled up, just to go get doughnuts and coffee, and stare wishfully into the windows of the infamous jewlery store, Tiffanys.

So I did it, I put on a cute little cocktail dress, did my make up, put on my favorite shoes, and paid extra attention to my hair, "tres magnifique" I said to no one, other than the reflection in the mirror.

On my way out, I said, take care of the house cat.

The closest thing to a Tiffanys we had in my small little town was the local Pawn Shops, or the chain jewlery stores. I decided on the Pawn shop, only because I half expected a reaction, for some reason little old men gawking at me amused me this morning. So I went by a convience store, got myself one of those sugar packed breakfast cakes, a $.89 cup of coffee, light on the coffee, and headed out.

On arriving at the shop, I discovered that yes the early bird indeed gets the worm, but I was a bit too early, most shops dont open until at least 9:00 AM this one did not open until 10 O'clock. It was 8:00 in the morning, I was a bit early. Since I knew they wouldnt be open, I settled on going home and back to bed for a while, maybe sleep was what I needed after all.

to be continued.

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