Sunday, July 10, 2011

For the life of me I cant remember......

Its been a while since I've written on here.....its been a while since I've written much of anything to be honest. I decided after a conversation the other night tho that it was high time I start again, considering its the way I normally vent my feelings, lol. Maybe my seemingly lost muse will appear again, that would be nice.

So this blog may at times offend, bore, or worry you, please dear reader dont judge me for my words, this is merely an outlet for my innermost thoughts, and I am letting you in, I am letting you see a side of me so few get to see and so few get to experience. You probably will learn thigs about me that I never would share in a million lifetimes. But thats ok, thats part of life, please share your thoughts, concerns and questions, I love questions especially because it gives me things to ponder, and things to write about.

now for a quick update from the real world on my year so far. . .
January: Almost died, the third near death experience I had in under a year. . . .Ended up having major surgery, Everything is fine now, healed wonderfully.
During recovery. . . started dating bruce again *finally as everyone said* and moved in with him.

February: Docs gave good reports on stomach, and told me I was cancer free.

March: RIP CHASE MARSHALL, this news devistated me for the familys sake.

April-May: nothing too significant happened, paps health is declining, and after a hospital stay they move into my old room at mom and dads.

June: We start the move to the new house. o boy.
Bruce starts JSO.

July: so far..... The Stacy family reunion.....

Yeah my year may be slightly less eventful than last year, but its plus one surgery minus a trip or two and car wrecks, lol. I've been doing wonderful, and I'm looking forward to trying to figure out my writing

anyway. . . i know that was a boring post. but its late and this chick has got to go to bed.
x's and o's

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